At Gliffy, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to present information in a visually compelling fashion. We're not the only ones. All over the net people are creating funny, fantastic flowcharts and diagrams.

Starting today, we'll be reposting our favorites on this blog and, where possible, sharing a little bit about the people who have crafted them.

Where better to start than with a flow chart about flow charts from xkcd?

xkcd Understanding Flow Charts

If you've never come across the excellently nerdy webcomic xkcd, consider this your long overdue introduction. Author Randall Munroe posted this handy guide to understanding if you understand back in December 2008. If you missed it then, you've likely missed everything he's done since. Visit xkcd (it doesn't stand for anything) and have a look through the archives. Don't forget to read the mouseover text built into each comic; it's usually a secondary punchline.

If you stumble across a new funny, creative, or otherwise excellent flowchart or diagram you think we should share, let us know. If you've created one yourself (with or without Gliffy), we're even more interested. Reach us via the comments.