Are you frozen by your creative potential? So overwhelmed by your artistic genius that you can't choose which direction to jet off in first?

Don't worry. H. Caldwell Tanner has your back.

His original flowchart/cartoon, What Kind of Artist are You?, gently focuses your potential towards your optimal career path. I like it because making it required exactly the kind of artistic skill I lack.

what kind of artist

If you follow the chart, you learn that if you can draw, write, and make with the funny, you ought to be a cartoonist. Seems to work for Caldwell. There is no can write -> can't draw -> likes to wear pajamas all day path, but that would be me: blogger.

Caldy only has a few months worth of content on his site but he's been drawing cartoons for Quarter Life Comics since '07 as well as illustrating for sites like College Humor.

If you want to know more about this upstanding citizen, check out his informative video.