Today, we're reaching back into the history bin to present another awesome flowchart of past glory. Unsurprisingly, this one is also about geekdom.

Yeah, that's right. There does appear to be some serious crossover between geeks and flowcharts. As a geek (not a nerd, that's my wife), I'm just fine with that. Perhaps how much you like flowcharts depends on just how far down this hierarchy you fall?

The Geek Hierarchy
by Lore Sjöberg

Version 2.0 Abridged:


This one appears courtesy of the Brunching Shuttlecocks. These kind gentlemen and ladies don't appear to be actively posting these days, but that might just be because they're busy getting married in Klingon garb or something similar. (Personally, I had to be dissuaded from marching down the aisle to the Lord Vader's Imperial March. Our Klezmer band said they couldn't pull it off...)