Today we're releasing what is by far the most important Gliffy plugins for JIRA and Confluence that we've ever put out. This release is the culmination of nearly 6 months of work that we've put into improving the speed, performance, and quality of our drawing tool which is designed to make it easy to add Flowcharts, Class Diagrams, UI Diagrams, and other types of drawings to JIRA and Confluence. There are over 100 improvements, bug fixes and enhancements in the Gliffy Diagram Tool. How big is this release?

It's Big!

Release notes for:

- Gliffy Confluence Plugin 2.2.0

- Gliffy JIRA Plugin 2.2.0


Improvements in the Gliffy Editor

These improvements apply to both the JIRA and Confluence Plugins

Faster! - The Gliffy editor has been re-tooled to take advantage of Flash 9, which means it's fast! This also means that you have to have Flash 9 on your computer for Gliffy to work, but our research suggests most people are using Flash 10 by now anyways, so this shouldn't be a problem for most.

Line tool is WAY better - When re-arranging shapes that have lines connected to them, the lines do what you expect. Also, lines can optionally have rounded corners which makes them look much better.

Help and User Manual - Earlier this year we created a detailed user manual to help new users get started more quickly. Inside the product, we now also include a list of keyboard shortcuts to save you time.
Faster Zoom - The zoom feature has been re-written, and it's incredibly fast.
Mouse Scroll Wheel - You can now scroll through your diagram using the mouse wheel, or hold down shift and use the mouse wheel to zoom in.
Right Click Menu Options - Right clicking will help make copying/pasting and some other operations faster
True WYSIWYG editing - Previously, diagrams in JIRA issues or Confluence pages sometimes looked different than they did in the Gliffy editor. This has been fixed, and you'll get much better results than previously.
Tons of bug fixes - So many little issues have been fixed that it's hard to list them all, but let's just say many of those annoying issues you may have noticed before have been addressed.
Gliffy Confluence Plugin License Changes - We're trying something new with our license keys. For organizations who already have developer,demonstration, non-profit, open source, or community licenses, you'll be able to use Gliffy without obtaining an additional license key from us. We hope this will help save time for everyone. Let us know what you think!
Gliffy Confluence Plugin no border on diagrams by default - By popular request, we no longer add borders to diagrams by default in Confluence. We think this is a great idea, and makes diagrams look a lot better inside Confluence pages.
JIRA 4.1 Compatibility - JIRA 4.1 is due out shortly, and we've addressed several compatibility issues to ensure Gliffy works as intended.