Not to toot our own horn, but we get to work with some seriously smart people here @Gliffy. And they're pretty funny too. Because smart people = smart ideas, every few months we open the floor to anyone who wants to bring something new to the table, (or the bar as the case happens to be). We've had some pretty great things come out of Innovation Days in the past, and this time was no exception. There were lots of smart ideas and fun presentations, but since it's Friday and beer is on our mind, we wanted to share two of the funnest with you.

Everyone in the office likes to bond over metal, fire and beer, so naturally we decided that next week's team-building outing should take place at Oakland's The Crucible, where we will get to learn how to weld while building  a sweet bar for the office. For her Innovation Days Project, our fabulous UX Designer, Teresa Tan came up with the following two designs for our future bar:

Design 1: The Nintendo Controller

Nintendo Controller Bar 	innovation Nintendo Controller Bar

Design 2: Steampunk Djedi

Steampunk-Themed Bar Steampunk-Themed Bar

Although it was a very tough choice, we decided to go with the Steampunk Djedi design, (pictures of completed project to follow).

It was hard to top Teresa's bar, but Tyler Brown, our resident voice talent and overall funny guy, with the aid of the excellent Jonathan Potter (no relation to Harry), made the whole team's day with the following gem of a video. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. After all, diagramming (or at least Gliffying) should be fun.

Happy Friday!