Introducing Gliffy Embed

gliffyembed Team

A quick outline of what you can expect using Gliffy's latest product feature: embedding diagrams. 

In October we released some pretty groovy team features including private sharing and commenting. Our efforts were focused on helping teams work better together.

But instead of that nose-to-the-grindstone get-work-done-faster attitude, we wanted to support teams when it came to really understanding each other. Whether it’s clarifying concepts in meetings, knowing the decided user flow of a project or even the quarterly goals of the team, concepts are often misconstrued and misunderstood.

To save time and increase you and your team’s productivity, we’ve released another feature built just for you.

We call it our embed feature. It’s designed for you to bring Gliffy right into your everyday tools.

And it works like this.

Click the Share button in the top right corner of your Gliffy nav.

A share dialog will pop up. Select the embed button in the share dialog.


Select the tool you want to share your diagram in.

We have standard options including Jira, Slack, Hipchat, Google Docs, Basecamp, and we also have a custom option for any of your favorite tools.


Once you’ve selected the tool, you just need to copy-and-paste the link provided.

For example, you can paste it right into your Slack convo. And ta-da:


Your diagram will appear right in the tool you’re using. It’ll also update if you or someone on your team makes any changes.

For further reading:

There’s a great article all about understanding your teammates and making creative breakthroughs that you can check out on Medium. It focuses on what is it truly means to be productive with teams and individuals. It’s a quick and insightful read.