John McAfee: In Need of Virus Protection

By Zack Kushner on Dec 06, 2012 in Latest & Greatest

If you've seen a newspaper in the past couple of weeks, you know that anti-virus programmer John McAfee has gone nutsy cuckoo in Central America. He made a passel of cash with his McAfee products and then decided to emulate Colonel Kurtz or something. Now he's on the run, accused of murder, and possibly seeking asylum in Guatemala.

Honestly, it's hard to keep track of all the crazy stories surrounding the guy. Luckily, investigator and chartmaker Hilary Sargent has put together an immense flowchart laying all the pieces out for us.

Hilary Sargent McAfee

For a full-size, easy to parse version, visit Hilary's site (where you can also download a pdf version).

Until McAfee picks his head up for real, who can say what's really going on? My guess: he's got some sort of worm, probably from clicking around without any protection.