Speaking Your Language: Gliffy Confluence Plugin 5.2 Now Available

conf 5.2 German speaking your Language

Sprechen sie Deutsch? Parlez-vous français? Pratar du svenska?

Confluence customers around the world have been vocal about how much they
love Gliffy’s revamped HTML5 editor. Since its October release, we’ve heard tons of
happy talk about improved speeds, smoother Confluence integration, and ease of

Now Gliffy is pleased to respond using its users’ native tongues—our 5.2 release
integrates three new international language packs. Simply set your preference and
all dialogues and prompts within Gliffy will auto-translate into German, French,
Swedish, or the default English.

Our supported language list is set to grow as Gliffy moves towards full

Download Gliffy Confluence Plugin 5.2 now or upgrade through the Universal Plugin