Oooh look! It's the elusive flowchart seen in its natural habitat! It isn't often we get to see a flowchart out of it's internet-burrow (they're nocturnal), so let's see what we can learn from this brave little fella.


This picture of a sign at Market Lane Coffee in Melbourne Australia is from Flick'r user MuteMonkey.

Market Lane in turn bounces credit for the inspiration for their sign to Volta Coffee in Florida. So hats doffed all around, gentlemen and ladies. Good idea. (Now, can you get Americans to learn how to make a flat white? Awesome.)

This flowchart isn't complicated or anything, but it doesn't need to be. It isn't fancy; just chalk on board. It is, however, satisfyingly clear. It tells you what you want to know without any delay and that means you're that much closer to a damn fine cup of coffee.

Make mine a double.

For those of you traveling, good luck with the lines. And for all y'all, happy Thanksgiving.