Original Man Cave
My girlfriend and I recently decided to move in together, sharing my 2-bedroom condo in Washington, DC. The master bedroom is currently my "man-cave" (which houses the equipment to support my expensive pro audio hobby). Its generous walk-in closet is a pack-rat's dream, holding, among other things, four boxes of G.I. Joe toys, five of Star Wars, my Atari 2600, Commodore 64 and an Amiga 500. Plus, the box to everything I've owned in the last 10 years. When my girlfriend actually saw this closet (which is off limits to just about everyone), she suggested the radical notion of using it to store our clothes. This meant swapping the bedroom and man-cave.

First thing I did was to create my man-cave in Gliffy. The floorplan symbols made this a snap (Although Gliffy doesn't have inches just yet, multiplying feet by 50 gave me plenty of room to work). The before picture is a pretty accurate view of this crowded room. While most of the furniture in there would be going, some would be staying, like my workdesk (where I've been hard at work on Gliffy's developer API). We also needed to fit in my girlfriend's armchair and ottoman. We were definitely having a hard time visualizing where things would go and even if they would all fit.

I did a quick redesign of the room and used Gliffy's collaboration feature to send it to my girlfriend. We share calendars with Google Calendar, and have planned our vacations with Google Docs, so she instantly knew what to do when she got the email from Gliffy. She made a few adjustments and we decided on a layout that should fit everything nicely. Master Bedroom All Nice and Arranged

The "new" man-cave was a bit trickier; the room is smaller and oddly shaped, and it still needed to accommodate a couch and chair (I'll often have two or three local band members in there during mixing sessions, and folding chairs just don't cut it) Fortunately, everything seems to fit (and I might have a bona-fide vocal booth; much to the delight of my upstairs neighbor).

I'm pretty confident we've just reduced the move-in stress by quite a bit, and hopefully staved off our first domestic argument (odds are now on my cat eating her plants).

New Man Cave