old network improved network

On Monday night we made two significant changes that have us really excited. In one fell swoop, Gliffy has switched over to a much better hosting facility, and we've improved our network symbols by giving them an new look are greater variety (there are now over 30 to choose from).
Log in now to try the new symbols, or read more about them below.

About the new hosting facility

  • Gliffy, and your documents, will be available when you need them. The hosting service and data center utilize state-of-the art equipment, redundancy, and 24/7 monitoring to ensure virtually 100% uptime and data protection.
  • Data is stored in a hot-swappable hardware RAID 1 array, meaning it is written simultaneously onto two hard drives on the server. In the event of an issue with one hard drive, the other hard drive instantaneously takes over.
  • All data is replicated onto a separate server. In the event of a failure in the first layer server, the data can be restored from the second server.
  • Data is backed up daily and sent to a separate physical location from the first two back-up layers
  • The Gliffy hosting service is now monitored 24/7/365, with level 3 engineers on standby to ensure maximum performance and uptime.
  • The application is hosted on a network of top brand equipment from Cisco and Foundry in a fully meshed configuration. All core elements, including switches and routers, are fully N+1 redundant.
  • The network that hosts Gliffy is connected to multiple Tier 1 providers. This minimizes the distance to the end user for faster performance and ensures redundancy for reliable uptime.
  • Our network is configured to transfer traffic to a separate connection in the event of a problem. The redundant core of our hosting network feeds two diverse network connections, from two separate core switches. One connection runs the load and the other stays in standby mode for an instantaneous switch-over if there is a problem.
  • All servers are stored in an area with 24/7 security including more than 200 cameras on-site. The equipment hosting Gliffy is in a locked cage.
  • The area meets the requirements of numerous regulatory policies, including Sarbanes, HIPAA/CIPAA, and privacy laws.

New Gliffy Features


The improved network symbols are broken out into three categories under the network tab to make your network diagrams extra spiffy:

  • Home Network
  • Business Network
  • Rack Elements

We also added a few other new symbols while we were at it:

Are you missing a particular shape library you'd like to see? Let us know, and we'll get right on it!

Lastly, we have included some bug fixes with this release:

  • bug fix to drag and drop of uploaded images with thin height
  • Made more of a delay before image options button displays
  • Added help text to hover over image for options button

As you can see, we've been very busy improving the quality of Gliffy. There are many more improvements coming... stay tuned!