News: Gliffy Announces Support for Atlassian JIRA 5 Release

By Annie Gladue-Latham on Feb 22, 2012 in Latest & Greatest

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., February 22, 2012 – Gliffy, a leading provider of online diagramming tools for enabling visually impactful, collaborative communications, today announced support for JIRA 5, a popular bug and issue tracker / project-tracking tool from Atlassian. The Gliffy JIRA Plugin, which is tightly integrated with JIRA, lets users create and edit diagrams, such…

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Gliffy for JIRA 5

By Eric Chiang on Jan 30, 2012 in Latest & Greatest

JIRA 5 is a major milestone for Atlassian and will bring many improvements to our favorite bug tracker. Today, we’re releasing a new version of Gliffy that is compatible with the latest release candidate (as of this writing rc3). Release Notes – Gliffy JIRA Plugin – Version 3.7 [GJIRA-20] – JIRA 5 compatibility [GJIRA-28] –…

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Gliffy Shares with Sierra Mountain Music Camp!

By Keith Rockhold on Jan 04, 2012 in Latest & Greatest

First off, we would like to thank all the participating Gliffy Confluence Plugin and Gliffy Jira Plugin Atlasssian Community License users that submitted applications for our 1% grant opportunity. We are delighted at the caliber of applications that we received. After reading through all the wonderful ways these organizations help their communities and how Gliffy…

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Backgrounder: Gliffy 2005 to 2011

By Annie Gladue-Latham on Jan 02, 2012 in Latest & Greatest

Chris Kohlhardt and Clint Dickson founded Gliffy in 2005 with the idea that they were creating the world’s first net-native business graphics software. “We’ve committed ourselves to platform independent Internet applications with rich user interfaces that make collaboration an easy and obvious part of your day.” Why the name Gliffy? It comes from the word…

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Gliffy Confluence Plugin v4.0.3 Release

By Eric Chiang on Dec 13, 2011 in Latest & Greatest

This is a maintenance release which fixes a few bugs and makes Gliffy fully compatible with Confluence 4.1. Release Notes – Gliffy Confluence Plugin – Version 4.0.3 Bug [GCONF-176] – Gliffy Footer causes javascript error [JCOM-20] – Fix Preference no-arg constructor warning Improvement [GCONF-167] – Only show the user’s personal space and not all other…

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First Gliffy Job Fair

By Kat Soong on Nov 18, 2011 in Latest & Greatest
Janet with balloons

Yesterday was our first Gliffy Job Fair which took place in the Ritch Street alley, a highly trafficked area during lunch on clear San Francisco days. Not only is it close to food trucks, quick lunch spots, and the ballpark, its also where we work! What better place to look for potential job candidates than…

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Hello, my name is…

By Kat Soong on Nov 10, 2011 in Stories

The people have spoken. From this day forth, our robot will be named Djedi, the little robot sent in to loyally discover hieroglyphs. Thanks to our winner, @danielabbas for submitting this name and to everyone else who participated!! Here’s a little background on the origins of Djedi. Djedi is said to be the first magician,…

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Agile Modeling with Gliffy!

By Kat Soong on Nov 03, 2011 in Latest & Greatest

Our friends over at The Emphasys Group, have made a new (and exciting!) course available: “Essentials of Agile Modeling”. If you’re developing software, following an Agile approach and wondering how Gliffy can help – we encourage you to take a look at this course. The course shows how models (using both formal and informal notations)…

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Name My Bot Contest Continued…

By Kat Soong on Nov 02, 2011 in Stories

As most of you know, for the past week we’ve been collecting names for our nameless robot via Twitter. Due to the influx of awesome names, we’ve decided to let you pick your favorite out of our top 3. Vote on Facebook today! Can’t wait to find out what our robot’s name will be!!!! Stay…

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