How to Choose a Digital Camera

By Zack Kushner on Jan 01, 2010 in Tips and Tricks

Happy New Year! Let’s start off with a flowchart, shall we? Make the Photo supplies this first entry of 2010 (or Two-Aught-One-Naught, as I’ve decided to call it). This one walks you through the process of selecting a digital camera. It’s not quite as complicated as our guide to Choosing an HDTV, but that isn’t…

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Does Your Website Suck?

By Zack Kushner on Dec 24, 2009 in Latest & Greatest

It is possible, according to the experts, that your website sucks. Bruce Alderson of Warped Visions put this handy flowchart together to let you know. Easy. It’s a joke, see? You’re website doesn’t suck. Probably.

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The Crisis of Credit

By Zack Kushner on Dec 21, 2009 in Tips and Tricks

If you haven’t seen this animated flowchart by Jonathan Jarvis and you’re still scratching your head about where all the money has gone, now’s your chance. click through to watch the animated video Flowing Data features Mr. Jarvis’ thesis work in their end-of-year wrap up and it’s definitely worth a watch, even if only for…

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The Secret to Last Minute Holiday Shopping

By Zack Kushner on Dec 17, 2009 in Tips and Tricks

It is the time of cheer, the season of giving, the day you begin to seriously panic because you haven’t yet finished your holiday shopping. Easy, there, tiger. Gliffy has you covered. We want all of your perfectly chosen presents to find their way under your tree, or beside your menorah, or <preposition> your <appropriate…

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The Fog of War

By Zack Kushner on Dec 16, 2009 in Tips and Tricks

Talking Points Memo posted this insanely complicated flowchart illustrating the military’s plan for Afghanistan. NBC’s Richard Engel reports that this flowchart from the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “lays out the counterinsurgency strategy to achieve three goals: “Influence insurgent-minded individuals to adopt a neutral disposition”; “Influence neutral-minded individuals to adopt a supportive disposition;”…

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How It’s Gonna Happen

By Zack Kushner on Dec 15, 2009 in Tips and Tricks

Why yes, I do think Jeff Goldblum would be excellent in the role of the plucky flowchart blogger who looks super awesome working in his PJs. This map to daughter-support brought to you by lunchbreath. His photostream on Flick’r has other flowcharts in this vein plus lots of other good design work if you want…

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From Whither, iPhone?

By Zack Kushner on Dec 14, 2009 in Tips and Tricks

Did you think that there was some magical elf that wandered through the woods, harvesting iPhones? That’s not 100% correct. The magical elf floats mysteriously through the woods, harvesting iPhones. Or maybe that’s not quite it either? There may be something I’m missing about engineers, decades of development, and, according to Fast Company, innovation. Staff…

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How to Surf the Internet

By Zack Kushner on Dec 10, 2009 in Latest & Greatest

A long long time ago, in a galaxy approximately 45 blocks away, I used to live with the undisputed king of nerdcore. He used to play a lot of video games, sing the same line of a song over and over into his computer until it was just so, and solve intergalactic crimes. He also…

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