Update to Gliffy Online Terms of Service

By Chris Kohlhardt on Apr 06, 2010 in Stories

Just a quick note to let everyone know we’ve made a minor change to our Gliffy Online Terms of Service which make the service less restrictive in relation to the usage by minors. The change is in bold below: User certifies to Gliffy that if User is an individual (i.e., not a corporation or institution)…

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Prepare for takeoff!

By Chris Kohlhardt on Apr 02, 2010 in Latest & Greatest

With the first quarter of 2010 behind us, we’ve taken a look at the progress we’ve made as a company, and it’s just amazing. We started Gliffy almost exactly 5 years ago in my living room, and now we’ve got great customers, a real office, revenue, and awesome employees and contractors who have helped us…

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New Updates for Gliffy Online – Improved Images and Connectors and more!

By Clint Dickson on Mar 10, 2010 in Latest & Greatest

2010 has already been a crazy and productive year at Gliffy. We’ve successfully moved our office headquarters into a beautiful new space that will surely invigorate our creative juices, and we’ve also been busy improving the quality and usability of Gliffy Online. These improvements include upgrading our server architecture, eliminating many of the rare yet…

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End of support announcement – JDK 1.4

By Chris Kohlhardt on Jan 06, 2010 in Latest & Greatest

Today we are announcing that releases of the Gliffy Confluence Plugin and the Gliffy JIRA Plugin issued after March 31st, 2010 will require JDK 1.5 or better. The Gliffy JIRA Plugin version 2.2.0 and The Gliffy Confluence Plugin version 2.2.0 will likely be the last versions of our plugins that are JDK 1.4 compatible. Our…

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How to Choose a Digital Camera

By Zack Kushner on Jan 01, 2010 in Tips and Tricks

Happy New Year! Let’s start off with a flowchart, shall we? Make the Photo supplies this first entry of 2010 (or Two-Aught-One-Naught, as I’ve decided to call it). This one walks you through the process of selecting a digital camera. It’s not quite as complicated as our guide to Choosing an HDTV, but that isn’t…

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Does Your Website Suck?

By Zack Kushner on Dec 24, 2009 in Latest & Greatest

It is possible, according to the experts, that your website sucks. Bruce Alderson of Warped Visions put this handy flowchart together to let you know. Easy. It’s a joke, see? You’re website doesn’t suck. Probably.

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