Gliffy Plugin for Confluence 1.3.3

By Chris Kohlhardt on Jul 16, 2007 in Latest & Greatest

Issues resolved: Improved performance of license checking code. Instead of counting the number of Confluence users which was costly in terms of time, we now compare the purchased Gliffy Plugin license against the purchanse Confluence license. Improved performance of Extractor indexing code. Since we only need a small portion of an attachment to check to…

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More Drawing Control with Lock Shape

By Clint Dickson on Jul 01, 2007 in Tips and Tricks

So you got that cool background image in your Gliffy diagram you want to start decorating with shapes and text. But, as you start dropping things onto the image and moving them around, you accidentally move the background image around too. Now you have to re-position it again. This can be painful and annoying and…

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Data center issues on Wednesday

By Chris Kohlhardt on Jun 22, 2007 in Stories

On Wednesday we experienced approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes of server down time when our data center experienced a power failure. This problem has been resolved now, and we are very very sorry about the down time our customers experienced. Our goal is to reduce down time as much as possible since we know…

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Gliffy Online network symbols get pretty

By Chris Kohlhardt on Jun 12, 2007 in Latest & Greatest

On Monday we updated Gliffy Online with a bunch of small bug fixes and other minor improvements. Check out the list below for more information. New features * Improved Image rendering performance * Ability to “lock” a shape * Easier to make horizontal and vertical lines with straight line tool * More entity-relationship line types…

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Gliffy Plugin for Confluence, version 1.3.0 released

By Chris Kohlhardt on Jun 03, 2007 in Latest & Greatest

On Friday we released an update to The Gliffy Plugin for Confluence. We strongly recommend that all current users upgrade to this release as it includes important performance and stability updates along with new features. This update includes: New Features Vastly improved diagram rendering performance Vastly improved plugin startup time Added document manager. Now you…

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Multiple shape alignment and positioning

By Clint Dickson on May 01, 2007 in Tips and Tricks

Sometimes when great things happen, people often use the statement “the planets must be aligned”. Well the same thing can be true when you create that jaw-dropping Gliffy flow chart diagram with nicely aligned shapes. Can your boss say, “promotion”? So how do you align shapes quickly and easily? Just drag select or CTRL-click multiple…

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