I came across two flowcharts worth sharing this morning.

The first is from Christene Barberich, Piera Gelardi and Joshua Covarrubias, writing and designing for Refinery 29. They're poking fun of Scott Schuman whom you might better know as the Sartorialist. In case you're not a fashionista, the Sartorialist posts photos on his popular blog of people wearing interesting outfits. Being featured is a bit of a coup for a certain sort.

I will never be featured on the Sartorialist, but you might, and your chances might be better if you use this guide.


The second flowchart is a bit more charged. It covers the arguments for and against gay marriage, as seen by Patrick Farley -- someone who supports gay marriage (as I do personally). Regardless of how you feel on this issue, you have to admire his work; this chart of for/against clashes might as easily be tracking troop movements in a guerrilla skirmish.


I have to note here that while I'm happy to discuss political issues on my own time, that's not what this blog is about. We're here to look at flowcharts.