You may have seen this one already, as it's covering the Internet like grease on a McNugget.


This flowchart from Eating the Road doesn't do much for me. That may be because the only reason I'd eat fast food is if I'd been buried in a box under the highway for three days with nothing to eat. And even then, I'm thinking I could make it to a gas station for some peanuts or something.

But what do you think? Obviously this chart has sparked something in readers to warrant its being posted and reposted and Dugg and all that.

Tell me why you like it (if you do).

Personally, I don't see the humor here. The background is pretty distracting. And, most importantly, I don't really think anyone has any use whatsoever for a flowchart telling them what fast food to eat. If you're hungry, and you consider fast food to be food, I think it's reasonably safe to say that the time for high-level thinking has passed.