Whenever I find myself using Gliffy for my own personal use, and discover again how cool it is, I like to share. Earlier this year, I used our Floorplan shapes to create the layout of our wedding and shared it with our photographer, videographer, and musicians. This was to give them a good idea of specific locations at the site and what they looked like. Recently, I've been planning a golfing road trip to western Oregon with some friends. I wanted to show them we could hit 7 varying courses in a 6 to 7 day trip.

I decided to use Gliffy to overlay proposed golf course locations on a map of western Oregon. I first uploaded an image of a map, then pointed out the courses on the map by their city locales, and adding where they would fall in line in order of days. To help get everyone fired up, I also included images of the courses next to their information. Below is a snippet of the complete map available here:

Snippet of western Oregon golf trip

As I shared this with some of my friends, a few of them added some alternate courses on the map with images. One of the courses that a friend found looked spectacular, so it took place of one I had picked. True collaboration at work!

The other information I've added are website links, prices, and contact information. I'll also be adding hotel information and places to eat. A bonus is that once we take our trip, I can just print out this one document and bring it on the road. I won't need to shuffle around a lot of papers and maps to find the information we need. And we can continue to drool over the images of these amazing golf courses while driving (Gliffy does not promote drooling and driving). The challenge now is finding time to all take a week off, but until then, we can continue to update this diagram.

So the next time your planning a trip with family or friends, try using Gliffy.