Gliffy Confluence Plugin v4.2.4 Release Notes

By Eric Chiang on May 18, 2012 in diagram, Gliffy, Latest & Greatest

This release resolves some critical issues with open file handles created by the plugin as well as some issues with Gliffy in a comment field.

  • [GCONF-352] - Add->Gliffy Diagram does not add diagram as expected
  • [GCONF-358] - User requires membership in confluence-administrators group in order to be able to edit Gliffy diagrams in comment blocks
  • [GCONF-359] - When inserting a Gliffy diagram via macro autocomplete in a comment, the original text that triggered the insertion is not replaced by the diagram, but appended to the page after the digram
  • [GCONF-364] - Streams are not closed