Gliffy Confluence Plugin v4.5 Release Notes

Finally we're implementing our #1 requested feature: Visio Import! This new feature requires an upgrade to the Enterprise License tier (Upgrade here!).

Also, we've simplified the way administrators enter in their license key. One simple key will now activate your license (rather than entering in many different values). If you already have an existing Gliffy license installed, the v4.5 plugin will work as expected without having to install this new license key. However, you can expect an email that will include your new license key if you ever need to reinstall Gliffy in Confluence.

New Feature
  • [GCONF-136] - Allow customers to enter ONE encoded license key to license plugins
  • [GCONF-192] - Integrate gliffy-transformer for Visio Import
  • [GCONF-321] - Support GXML v3 on Save
  • [GCONF-322] - Import should support GXML v3
  • [GCONF-87] - Improve Confluence / JIRA license system
  • [GCONF-104] - Admin Configuration screen provides no feedback on changing settings
  • [GCONF-142] - Do not reference ceoid in gliffy xml
  • [GCONF-208] - Improve searching to only search text data and other desirable values
  • [GCONF-214] - Implement Content-Type application/gliffy
  • [GCONF-351] - Change Import Dialog to Thumbnail view
  • [GCONF-383] - Add better messaging to the RTE dialog when plugin is in an error state
  • [GCONF-9] - Deleting an attachment doesn't remove the cached version of a diagram
  • [GCONF-22] - Icon missing in Dashboard with Confluence 3.3
  • [GCONF-247] - Clicking thru to attachments, edit, back to confluence returns you to the edit view and not back to the attachments page
  • [GCONF-367] - HTML is not rendering in the error messages on the confluence plugin admin page
  • [GCONF-382] - Some lines aren't showing up in HTML5 version of diagram
  • [GCONF-388] - Default Tab in create diagram dialog box should be "blank"
  • [GCONF-396] - Lock icon and info are missing when a user is not logged in.
  • [GCONF-397] - Create button is disabled sometimes when the dialog opens
  • [GCONF-144] - Improve visibility of survey in Gliffy editor
  • [GCONF-357] - Convert Admin page to AUI forms