As Mike mentioned in the recent post about our new web site and logo, we're now using JIRA for customer support which is helping us respond to customer queries more quickly.

Where JIRA really shines, however, is in the issue/bug tracking department. We've now moved all of our bug and feature request tracking into JIRA which is helping us keep better tabs on the many feature requests we receive on a regular basis.

At this point you may be thinking.... that's nice... but why do I care?

Part of our goal as a company is to keep you as informed as possible about what we're working on, and make it easier for you to tell us what is important to you. To this end, product issues are now publicly available for you to view, create, vote on, and watch.

Take a peek at the issues currently logged in our system:

If you log into JIRA, you'll be able to perform several different operations with issues:

Screen Shot of JIRA Vote on issues - If a feature or issue is is important to you, please vote on it. By voting on an issue, we'll know that issue is important to you, and that will help us know to implement that feature first.
Watch issues - Again, if an issue is important to you, you can 'watch' an issue in JIRA. When the status of an issue changes, you'll be notified.
Create issues - Is there something you'd really like to see in Gliffy? Create a feature request, and we'll look into it.
Browse - Are you interested in finding out if a feature is on our radar? You can browse or search for issues that are important to you.
Comment - Do you have an idea or more information about a feature request or issue? Comment on an issue to provide us with your ideas.

Search for answers

Another new feature we've added to our support portal is the ability to search all of our content. By simply entering your search terms, you'll be able to find related information on our web site from a variety of sources including JIRA, FAQ, forums, and of course this blog. Try it here: