In a small business, efficiency is critical. Each task that needs doing ends up distracting us from other tasks that need doing too. One way we've saved a bunch of time is by using Freshbooks for billing.

What's Freshbooks?

Freshbooks is a nifty little service that makes online invoicing simple, fast, and easy.

How do we use it?

  • When customers select a product to purchase on our Confluence Plugin licensing page, we automatically generate an invoice for the customer using the Freshbooks API. We save time here because we don't have to generate an invoice manually.
  • Freshbooks handles credit card orders for us. We saved more time here because we didn't have to write single line of code to implement a checkout process.... Freshbooks handles it for us.
  • Freshbooks keeps track of our monthly revenue totals. Nobody has to plug numbers into a spreadsheet to generate a report. At midnight on August 31st I knew exactly how much we billed in August by reading these reports. Again, a huge time saver.
  • Best of all, Freshbooks is all online. This means it's easy for me and the rest of the Gliffy team to collaborate on invoices, and stay on top of things.

I've met the guys from Freshbooks a few times now, and they are great people to boot. If you're doing manual invoicing now, definitely consider taking a look at Freshbooks... it could be a huge time saver for you and your business.