Recently, we introduced layers into Gliffy. In the course of trying this new addition we stumbled upon a pretty cool trick. As it turns out, using layers is a great way to turn your hand-drawn doodles (be it on paper, a tablet or a whiteboard) into crisp, polished Gliffy diagrams.

Here’s How
1. Take a photo of your hand-drawn diagram and drag it into the Gliffy app.

Hand-drawn diagram Layers Hand-drawn diagram

2. Click on the layers button and add a new layer.
3. Drag-and-drop whichever shapes match your drawing into the new layer.
step 1
4. Use the “visible/invisible” button to check on your progress.
5. Delete the drawing layer once you no longer need it.

Finished Diagram Finished Gliffy diagram

This trick is great for anyone who likes to draw by hand or just needs to translate a brainstorm from the whiteboard.

Keep those pencils sharpened, you never know when diagram inspiration will strike next!