Spotlight on New Features: Gliffy Confluence Plugin v4.2

By Annie Gladue-Latham on Apr 05, 2012 in Latest & Greatest

The new Gliffy Confluence Plugin v4.2 has some pretty cool features worth noting:

> Search results are displayed in a friendlier way – using an image preview. This is a time saver over clicking links that appeared in text results.

> Diagrams on wiki pages are now be much more interactive. For example, users will be able to zoom and pan large diagrams, making it easier to see the details.

> Text within diagrams is now 'live' and can be selected, copied and pasted. Not only is this a time saver, but it also improves accuracy by eliminating the need to retype.

> Being able to link within a diagram, makes it easy to access relevant notes pertaining to the item being clicked. This feature is ideal for network administrators.

> Enhanced Macro controls for diagram access on the Confluence page. Referred to as the “Pop-up Chrome,” the modes range from an inviting fully editable (Full) with zoom and edit capabilities, to an aware but less inviting (Minimal) with border only showing.

In addition, this release includes a number of bug fixes.

You can watch a video that shows these highlights here.

And you can read the press release here.