The Force is Strong with These Star Wars Flowcharts

If there's one thing we love here at Gliffy, it's flowcharts. And Star Wars.

If there are two things we love here at Gliffy, it's flowcharts and Star Wars. Flowcharts about Star Wars! Wait, is that one thing?

Fine. If there's one thing we love about Star Wars flowcharts here at Gliffy, it's that they're flowcharts about Star Wars. Is that good? Everyone okay with that? Good. Glad we got that squared away.

io9 has tipped us off to the existence of Marc Moera's awesome Star Wars infographics. There's one for each movie (if that's what you can call the prequels), and each maps out the major events and interactions between the characters.

They also look awesome, and we're suckers for good graphic design. Wait. Is that a third thing we love? Forget it. So not going there.

Marc's site is experiencing a nerdpocalypse of traffic so its down at the moment. To tide you over until the Rebel Alliance rises again, here's Marc's take on Return of the Jedi:

Marc Morera Return of the Jedi Star Wars infographic Marc Morera's Return of the Jedi infographic

May the force be with you, if, you know, you don't have conflicted religious beliefs.