Stop by Preview and see what’s new

First, a question: Have you seen Gliffy’s HTML5 Editor Preview? If not, then you’ve been missing the most exciting things happening here at Gliffy HQ — things like default snap-to-grid placement, faster loading, and undo/redo buttons. Plus, every two weeks or so, we’ll be slipping in new features for your review and reactions.

Here’s what’s new this week!

1. Keyboard shortcuts — even on Mac!

If I had my way, I might never touch a mouse again. And the HTML5 editor is going to help me achieve that goal. Most of the standard keyboard shortcuts will work in Gliffy HTML5:

Mac PC
select all Cmd + A Ctrl + A
cut Cmd + X Ctrl + X
copy Cmd + C Ctrl + C
paste Cmd + V Ctrl + V
delete Delete Delete
delete Backspace Backspace
undo Cmd + Z Ctrl + Z
redo Cmd + Shift + Z Ctrl + Shift + Z
group Cmd + G Ctrl + G
ungroup Cmd + U Ctrl + U
add text to a shape or line F2 F2
exit text editing mode Esc Esc
save Cmd + S Ctrl + S
zoom in Cmd + + Ctrl + +
zoom out Cmd + - Ctrl + -
pan Space + Left Mouse Space + Left Mouse

You can find a list of keyboard shortcuts in Gliffy by going to Help > Document Shortcuts.

2. Smarter copy and paste

Diagrams like org charts and site maps often call for distributing a bunch of more or less identical objects in a regular grid. Of course that’s much easier to do with snap-to-grid placement, but our new copy and paste feature makes it almost ridiculously easy. Just copy and paste a shape, place the new shape where you want it to go, and keep right on pasting. Gliffy copies the positioning until you tell it to do something else. And it even works with groups!

Take a look:


3. Sleeker color selection

Not only did we restyle the color picker, we made it easier to select custom colors and we taught the color tool to remember you favorite colors for each diagram:


Don’t forget to leave feedback at Your thoughts and opinions will help us build a better Gliffy!