How to Get to Super Bowl 50 on Time!

'Sup bro!

How 'bout them sports-ballers, huh? Playing that sports-ball so well they get to compete in Super Bowl 50 — which is both a pleasingly round number and right here in San Francisco! Assuming, of course, that by San Francisco we mean Santa Clara, which is only a short, uh, drive, uh, down the 101 parking lot on a good day that isn't hosting a Superb Owl...

No problem. We're world champions of commuting down the Peninsula. And we're here to share that wisdom with you sports-ball fans so you can fly your jetpack straight to Levi's Stadium with minimal delay.

What? You don't have a jetpack? What about a hoverboard and a flame-retardant suit? Man. You are in trouble. You're definitely going to need our How to Get to Super Bowl 50 on Time flowchart.

May the best team win and may all your commercials be amusing.

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