Attn AtlasCampers: NEW Support for Dutch, Scandinavian Languages

screenshot_nederlands Languages

Next week’s AtlasCamp promises to be full of powerful collaboration throughout the Atlassian developer ecosystem. We can’t wait to see what new products come out of Ship-It Day, to trade takeaways with our fellow developers and to soak in the insights from the rest of the lineup.

We’re so excited, we had to draw straws to see who would stay home!

We’re shipping 4 Gliffy team members to Atlas Camp this year. But we’re shipping something else that will help every AtlasCamp attendee: Gliffy now supports Finnish, Norwegian and Dutch languages, in addition to German, French, Swedish and the default, English.

To see all the Gliffy dialogues and prompts in Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian or Dutch, run Confluence with the appropriate language pack installed and start a Gliffy diagram from there. We think this update will help the international community of Atlassian developers communicate and collaborate with diagrams and visuals, at and after AtlasCamp.

At Gliffy, we help you liberate your ideas and execute your vision by making it simple to turn your software development projects, product roadmaps and UI wireframes into clear, collaborative diagrams.

To get started:

  1. Download the new Gliffy Confluence Plugin 5.3.1 now or upgrade using the Universal Plugin Manager.
  2. Then start Gliffy from Confluence with your choice of language pack installed.  Instructions: Installing a Language Pack in Confluence.