Take a Peek! Gliffy HTML5 Editor

Starting today, you can test drive Gliffy new HTML5 editor at http://preview.gliffy.com.

In 2006, Gliffy shipped the world's first online diagram editor with the best technology available at the time. But times change, and now HTML5 is the benchmark for browser-based applications: unlike Flash HTML5 is supported on Android and iOS, it supports improved keyboard shortcuts on Mac, and much more. That’s why Gliffy has spent 2012 rebuilding they software from the ground up in HTML5 — and now you can take a look!

The preview editor lets you check out the improved interface, play with new features like snap-to-grid editing and undo/redo buttons. The full editor will be available to users in late 2012. Until then, check it out for yourself: http://preview.gliffy.com.

The press release is here.