Talkin' Gliffy - Halloo's Review

Pierre of the SmartBiz: Small Business Marketing and Communications Technology Blog, offered up his thoughts on Gliffy last week.

Review Pic halloos

"You know in my heart of hearts, I can’t give a perfect rating. That almost goes against the code of review writing. But damn it, Gliffy gets close there!"

He describes Gliffy as " an app that allows project managers the power to create some of the slickest flowcharts ever witnessed by businessmen. Venn diagrams, SWOT analyses, and stakeholder presentations are also a strength of this app, streamlining the process of creating them."

He was impressed with the image library: "…Thanks to the huge image library at Gliffy’s disposal, no one would be starving for material to use. It’s all there in that little app."

He talked about Gliffy's wireframe capability too.

"...And trust me — every businessperson at one point or another would look at the word ‘wireframe’ and wonder what the heck that means. Gliffy makes it glaringly and almost stupidly easy to get, designed with autosave features and revision controls for collaborators working on a particular project..."

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