Talkin' Gliffy - PC Mag's Review

Samara Lynn, lead analyst for networking at PC Magazine, has posted a review of Gliffy Online.


Here are some excerpts:

"While some diagramming purists may find Gliffy too simplistic for high-level engineering or other intricate technical diagrams, Gliffy provided me with just what I needed."

"I was able to create a nicely-detailed, sharp- looking office floor plan. I also created a network diagram using a built-in template for a business network. The template is useful for diagramming networks of almost any size and includes icons for most enterprise networking equipment such as servers, switches, WAN connections, firewalls and more."

"One advantage Gliffy has over Microsoft is ease of collaboration. Currently, SharePoint or SharePoint Online is needed as well as a separate purchase of Visio to share Visio documents."

For personal use, small business and particularly for network admins who need quick and easy diagram- making, Gliffy is very good. It’s a four-star earner for small business software and although the sharing process and better compatibility with Visio could be improved, I found it a very handy solution when I needed to diagram my network.

You can read the whole review here.