Today Atlassian released the next major release of their world class Enterprise Issue Tracking software, JIRA 4.0. With JIRA 4, Atlassian has moved to user-based pricing instead of the previous model which was based on Standard/Pro/Enterprise Editions.

As always, we strive to ensure Gliffy is always ready to run on the most recent versions of Atlassian's software. To keep our customers well supported, we got a jump on this announcement and released The Gliffy JIRA Plugin version 2.1.0 yesterday, which includes compatibility updates with JIRA 4.0. This new version of the Gliffy JIRA Plugin is required if you plan to upgrade to JIRA 4.0.

If you are an existing Gliffy JIRA Plugin customer, you'll need to contact our support team to obtain a new license that matches the number of users you have in your JIRA 4.0 install.

Download the updated Gliffy JIRA Plugin to upgrade your existing installation, or start your 45 day free trial today!

Update October 8th, 2009: Yikes! We discovered a minor issue in the Gliffy JIRA Plugin 2.1.0 which caused the JIRA 4 Dashboard to have problems. We've made a quick fix, and have released the Gliffy JIRA Plugin version 2.1.1 which fixes this problem.