We have been working very hard lately ( especially Chris, remember surprise #2 ? ) on getting the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence released. Confluence is the world's most popular Enterprise Wiki made by one of Australia's fastest growing companies, Atlassian. Wiki's have swept through the business community as of late as a key tool to allow colleagues to collaborate documents and other knowledge capital. Up until now, it has been impossible to dynamically create rich diagrams within a wiki. Gliffy Inc. has seamlessly integrated our beloved Gliffy Diagram Editor into Confluence, to take collaboration within Wiki's to the next level. Showing great looking diagrams inside a wiki has never been so easy. Take a look at the example below:

Gliffy Plugin for Confluence

So stop typing all those words in your business' wiki. Download and try the Gliffy Plugin for Confluence today, because a picture, or diagram, is worth a thousand words.

Learn more about the plugin here: https://www.gliffy.com/products/confluencePlugin/index.shtml