It is the time of cheer, the season of giving, the day you begin to seriously panic because you haven't yet finished your holiday shopping.

Easy, there, tiger. Gliffy has you covered. We want all of your perfectly chosen presents to find their way under your tree, or beside your menorah, or <preposition> your <appropriate religious/cultural symbol> in time.

And, naturally, we'll help out with a gift of our own: a flowchart plotting what we see as the simplest path to holiday shopping success.


click image to see full flowchart

Don't you feel better now? That's gotta make it all a bit easier, although even we can't help you choose a gift for Aunt Maureen.

If you're really stuck for present ideas, how about giving yourself a gift that clarifies everything? That's right! Licenses for Gliffy Online are only $5/month!

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