At approximately 1:55AM PST on December 19th, 2006, the primary and secondary DNS servers we use to manage the domain became unavailable. These DNS issues caused problems for anyone attempting to access through the web, or any emails sent to As soon as we became aware of the problem, we added additional DNS servers. Unfortunately, it can take some time for the additional DNS servers to take hold. Everything should be back to normal by the time the new DNS changes take effect (1-2 days) or when the previous primary and secondary DNS servers come back online. We know that the DNS changes have already begun propagating, so we expect everything will be back to normal soon.

This problem is the result of us relying on a single vendor for DNS. We will drastically reduce the likelihood of this issue happening again by using a total of 3 vendors for DNS, which will include 6 DNS servers. Hopefully this will help prevent any issues of this nature in the future.

We understand that having the service available at all times is critical to making this model work. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this issue has caused, and know that we are working hard to improve reliability of the service.

- Chris, Clint, and the Gliffy team