Gliffy Inc., purveyor of the premier online diagram editor, is currently looking for a stellar Biz Dev guru to help us take the company to the next level.

About Gliffy

  • We're 2 developers with a grand vision
  • We have bootstrapped the company for about 2 years and are now looking to expand
  • We are profitable on our current product lines, and want to take the company to the next level
  • We have lots of paying customers, including IBM, Apple, AOL, Adobe, Xerox, and Chevron. See our customer list for more information.

Here's what we think your role will be and some of the qualities we'd like to see in you. Keep in mind things change pretty fast in the wacky world of startup land:

Short term:

  • The purpose of this person is to help us dramatically increase sales and revenue from our current product lines
  • Identify key areas in our existing sales/marketing strategies in which we can improve on
  • Implement and execute on the most critical areas identified
  • Develop an efficient and repeatable sales process
  • Initially handle invoicing and various other duties, or manage the outsourcing of these tasks
  • Must be self starter, and willing to take on tasks that may be outside core competency.
  • Must be able to deal with high levels of risk in a very early stage startup.
  • Must be adaptable to constantly changing conditions that are indicative of a startup
  • Should be passionate about what we're trying to do
  • Should have a focus on creating a sustainable company that doesn't involve selling out to google as our business plan. We are focused on generating more revenue using our current product lines.
  • This might start out as a part time position. Help us figure out what makes sense.

Longer term:

  • Help figure out high level company strategy decisions from a Sales & marketing perspective
  • Take leadership role in what we hope will become a growing sales/marketing team
  • Help us figure out a long term strategy that will ensure we maintain our position as the leading provider of online diagramming solutions

Finances are tight for us yet, so our preference is to bring on someone who is initially willing to work for a larger equity stake instead of taking salary. We would preferably tie future salary adjustments to revenue generation.

Interested? Willing to take a risk? Contact to find out more.