Hello flowchart aficionado!

Is this your first time on the Gliffy blog? I ask only because yesterday Gizmodo covered one of our original flowcharts and now, well, there are a lot of new faces around.

Welcome. What we're trying to do here is collect the best flowcharts and diagrams that we can find -- the funniest, the cleverest, the most interesting -- and hold them up for adulation. (Or occasionally, criticism)

We also create original flowcharts to share, and we happily accept your submissions for consideration, whether or not they're made using Gliffy's flowchart software. (It's free to try, though...)

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Today's example of flowchart excellence comes courtesy of Wired Magazine. Daniel Dumas posted this one on their website and I thought it might appeal to you.

It's called:

Ask a Flowchart: Should I Delete My Tweet?


Not bad, Daniel. I think the Colombians might object to the depiction of their postal service, but otherwise funny.

I'm not sure how I feel about how the design, though. Is its old skool circuit diagram look a little hard to follow? What do you think?