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"Gliffy is a great tool to create various types of diagrams in our Confluence wiki-intensive culture, where we collaborate on everything from network diagrams to workflow processes to decision models. Gliffy is self-service and lightweight, with minimal tax on our IT organization, and works in the browsers of our HubSpotter's choice across Mac and Windows."
Jim O'Neill
Chief Information Officer, HubSpot

Make Gliffy Diagrams Part Of Your SDLC

We feel your pain. The software development lifecycle is complex and consists of many moving parts. It requires cross-departmental teams to work together. Unfortunately, Engineering, Product, Marketing and Sales don’t always speak the same language. Add to that poor organization, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for frustration and deployment delays. Gliffy can help.

Create a Shared Visual Language

Enter Gliffy, an online diagramming tool. Gliffy helps you create a shared visual language your whole team can understand. (Cue heaven opening up and sunbeam shining down on your process.) Using Gliffy will improve the way your team collaborates during the planning phases of the SDLC and beyond. Everyone will like each other more and communicate better. Gliffy is incredibly easy to use so there's virtually no learning curve. What’s not to love?

Benefits of Using Gliffy Diagrams

  • Put out IT fires faster
  • Lessen the impact unexpected issues have on your business
  • Improve productivity and optimize performance
  • Manage hardware & software assets with greater ease
  • Streamline your support processes
  • Gain a better understanding of existing architecture
  • Communicate & implement process change more easily