Gliffy Confluence Plugin 4.2.1

Release Date: April 10, 2012


This is a bug fix release that also includes one troubleshooting feature – View Diagram Source, which is available from the right click menu of the Gliffy Editor.

New Feature
  • [LASZLO-746] – Allow user to view Diagram Source (gxml)
  • [GCONF-318] – Zoomed text in viewer is pixelated in Chrome 18 on Mac
  • [GCONF-324] – Fix css rules on confluence rte
  • [GCONF-326] – Tiny urls in link navigator are broken. Stand alone editor has incorrect rest path, tiny url is incorrect with confluence path of anything but "/"
  • [EDITOR-204] – Line calculation bug.
  • [EDITOR-205] – When viewer work is queued, render error bugs are uncaught