Gliffy Confluence Plugin 4.5.5

Release Date: July 05, 2012


This release brings speed improvements to the HTML5 viewer and a few bug fixes to address installation issues affecting a subset of customers.

  • [GCONF-427] – Improve performance of the HTML5 Viewer
  • [GCONF-340] – Gliffy Plugin fails to load due to Invalid BundleContext
  • [GCONF-408] – IE7 throws a javascript error with unprocessed Soy Templates
  • [GCONF-419] – Diagrams with embedded images will fail to transcode
  • [GCONF-428] – HTML5 viewer may cache the diagram even when there are modifications
  • [GCONF-431] – HTML5 viewer will show a spinner when a 2nd diagram falls back to PNG
  • [GCONF-433] – Installation fails due to Spring-Context error