How to Get the Add-on

Select "Add-ons" > "Get Add-ons..."

Find Gliffy diagrams in the Google Docs Add-on Store.
Then click the "+Free" button to install.

Allow Gliffy diagrams to access Google Docs

Click "Create a diagram" to get started!

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How it Works

The Gliffy diagrams Add-on for Google Docs enables you to create diagrams and flowcharts in your Google documents.

Extensive Shape Library

Collaborate visually with hundreds of drag and drop shapes, arrows, and icons.

Easy-to-use Editor

Leverage snap to grid, drawing guides, and shape alignment. No expertise needed.

Collaborate Visually

Communicate more effectively through visual diagrams and flowcharts in your Google Docs. Gliffy makes it easy to illustrate your documents with relevant diagrams.

Protect and Track Changes

Revision control automatically stores each version you save so you can track changes and roll back when required.

Have Questions?

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Get The Free Add-on