Introduction to the Gliffy API

The Gliffy Developer Program has been created with a simple vision in mind: We wanted to make it possible for developers to add Gliffy diagramming features to their existing web based applications.We've accomplised this goal by creating a simple to use developer framework which in turn makes it easy to create mash-ups with Gliffy.

What can I build?

Create drawings in wiki pages:

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and our Confluence Plugin customers prove this everyday when they add flow charts, network diagrams, class diagrams and more to their wiki pages. Give your customers the ability to add Gliffy drawings to your product, too.

Include Gliffy in your blog software:

Blogs have revolutionized the internet.... but blogs only let you edit text. Give your users the ability to include Gliffy drawings in their blog posts, and they'll be able to more effectively and efficiently express their ideas to the world.

Add rich drawings to your content management system:

At best, most web based content management systems can only edit text. Give your users the ability to create and share great looking diagrams without downloading additional software.


  • Integrate diagram editing into your application's workflow
  • Gain access to data and launch your users into the Gliffy editor securely and seamlessly using the Standards Based Single Sign On solution OAuth. OAuth is an open protocol that allows secure API authorization in a simple and straightforward way.
  • View different versions and sizes of Gliffy diagrams as images
  • Manage users of your Gliffy account
  • Organize Gliffy diagrams into folders
  • Control which users have access to individual folders

Getting Started with the Gliffy API

It's easy to get started developing with Gliffy

Obtain Access to the API: Sign Up for a FREE Trial account, then access your API credentials.

Choose an integration strategy: Save yourself time by working with one of our Client Libraries. We currently support Java, PHP, and Ruby. if you use a different language, you can integrate directly with our REST API. We're happy to sponsor the development of client libraries in other programming languages, please contact us if you'd like to find out more.

Read about best practices: We have some suggestions for you to consider when building your integration.

Interact with the developer community: Browse our forums to learn, contribute, and interact with Gliffy support and other users of the Gliffy API.

Commercialize your integration: Are you ready to ship a commercial integration with Gliffy? Take a look at our pricing plans and contact us so we can partner with you.

Technical Overview

Application Stack: The Gliffy API is made up of 2 basic parts:

Gliffy Application Server:

The server manages all diagrams and associated data. For now, this means that we host the data in our high availability data center. In the future, we may offer a way for customers to store diagrams on their own servers while using our hosted offering or even offer a stand alone version of Gliffy that you can host on your own. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss other integration options.


We've designed a highly flexible, standards based REST API which makes integrating with Gliffy a snap. The REST API is an easy way to make programatic HTTP requests that result in simple XML responses.

Gliffy API