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Gliffy Project syncs with your Jira instance to give your team clear context and alignment.


Upload any image

Add a visual representation of your project, then create a workflow from it.


Assign tasks

Assign and update Jira tickets right from your diagram.


Get status updates

See the project status at a glance and know when deadlines are at risk.


Collaborate better

Iterate more efficiently through commenting and notifications.

More efficient task management, more effective teamworkSoftware teams use Gliffy Project to iterate on and build products more accurately.

For product managers

For engineers

For leaders

For product managers

For product managers

Gliffy Project is ideal for product managers, designers and architects. By aligning your project around a visual, Gliffy Project helps improve velocity in designing, building and iterating products.

  • Give context to tasks and provide a big-picture view of the project
  • Deliver smooth and efficient hand-offs that require less explanation
  • Reduce rebuilds by communicating requirements in a clear, easy-to-understand way
For product managers

For engineers

Use Gliffy Project to give context to tasks while providing an overview of the entire plan. The combination allows teams to take immediate action, confident in the job at hand and the project as a whole.

  • Take action knowing the full context
  • Understand what needs to get done
  • Iterate efficiently
For leaders

For leaders

Gliffy Project increases awareness of project status for project leaders, program managers and Scrum Masters, making it easier to stay on schedule.

  • See the status of individual tasks or the entire project
  • Use reporting and filtering tools to resolve issues quickly, as they arise
  • Improve your ability to predict project timelines for on-time delivery

“Gliffy Project helped us to turn paper design boards into digital artifacts accessible anywhere, which in turn enabled our remote team members to easily access design layouts and workflows with the added convenience of also seeing the linked JIRA issues.”

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— Joe Neill | CSM | Pitch Me

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