Do the best work of your life

Software teams are using Gliffy Project to combine Jira and their visual workflows, building better products, together.

Build better

By combining your visual workflows like whiteboards, flowcharts and wireframes, with Jira, your team will always see where you’re going, together.

gliffy project screenshot


Work together around a shared, visual plan that reflects real-time changes.


See who's working on what and how the pieces fit together.


Align around the big picture, and see where dependencies are.

Work smarter

Keep it simple. When your team references visuals in context, ticket-creation becomes a single sentence.

Gliffy Project Screenshot


Write less. Visuals provide more context and more visibility.


Keep everyone on the same page, literally.


Identify gaps in the plan early and often.

Be successful

Take your idea and turn it into action. Plan better, communicate more clearly, and create products in a more human way.

plan apps better with Gliffy Project screenshot


Remove ambiguity in cross-functional communication.


Less wasted work means less frustration for everyone.


Always work with context of the greater vision.

Better products, healthier processes, happier teams.

Gliffy Project is changing the way people work, together.