Clarify Process with Professional-Quality Flowcharts


Flowcharts let you describe complex processes by breaking them down to their component parts and showing the relationships between people, data, processes, and objects.

  • Online Data Safety Assesment Flowchart
  • Lady Gaga Adoption Process Flowchart
  • Contribution to a Web Platform Flowchart

You can use flowcharts for:

  • Documenting a decision flow or approval process
  • Clarifying product development or production process
  • Identifying gaps or inefficiencies in a process
  • Mapping sales processes
  • Ensuring clear relationships between people and responsibilities
  • Charting cause and effect
  • Pareto analysis (showing the relative importance of data sets)
  • Histograms (displaying the distribution of a set of data)


Drag and Drop

Drag & Drop

Gliffy makes it easy to communicate complex processes and flows clearly. Just drag and drop shapes from our symbol libraries to create professional quality flow charts.

Themes and Templates

Themes & Templates

Gliffy makes it easy to create well designed diagrams and charts. Our theme tool allows you to apply different color palettes to your flow charts instantly.

Collaborate and Share

Collaborate & Share

Whether you have a small group or need a secure workspace for an enterprise, Gliffy makes it easy to collaborate with anyone. Gliffy is web-based, so there's nothing to install — anyone with a web browser can review and edit your flow charts.