Depending on the size of your organization, you might not know who your IT admins are. If you’re stuck without admin rights and hoping to try Gliffy, here’s how to automatically request the app from within Confluence or Jira

Request Gliffy for Cloud Apps

If you're a Confluence or Jira Cloud user, simply click the yellow Try it Free button in the upper right of Gliffy's Confluence Cloud listing or Jira Cloud listing.

Screenshot of Gliffy's marketplace listing

A modal that says Select your hosting type will pop up. At the bottom of that modal, you'll click Request this app. This allows Atlassian to contact your organization's Admin. You'll be able to enter a message explaining why the app would be a helpful addition for your team. 

Screenshot of Gliffy's marketplace listing trial modal


Request Gliffy's Server and Data Center Apps

Step-by-Step Video: How to Request Gliffy

Step-by-Step Explanations: Request an App in Confluence Server or Data Center

Each of these steps is outlined in the video, but you can reference them here.

  1. If Possible, Email Your Admin
    The fastest way to get access to Gliffy would be to work directly with your admin. If you know who that is, reach out to them before working your way through all these steps.
  2. Open and Edit or Create a Page
    Click the Create button in your Confluence toolbar or edit an existing page.
    Image Resource Request Confluence App 1
  3. Open the Other Macros Modal
    Click the + icon, then at the bottom select Other macros.
    Image Resource Request Confluence App 2
  4. Click Find more macros… in the Lower Left
    This will open a new tab showcasing some of the most popular apps in the Atlassian Marketplace.
    Image Resource Request Confluence App 3
  5. Search for Gliffy in the Atlassian Marketplace
    You also might see a Gliffy banner in the carousel at the top of the page. You can click that, too.
    Image Resource Request Confluence App 4
  6. Click Request Next to the App You Need

  7. Add a Message about Why You Need Gliffy
    We recommend something like, “Our team needs a way to add diagrams in Confluence. Can you please look into this? Happy to chat more.” Click that submit button and your request is sent! You can also update your request later if you’d like to add more details.

    Image Resource Request Confluence App 5

In a Pinch? Try Gliffy Online for Free

Learn more about our online diagramming app and try all its premium features free for two weeks. If your team already uses Confluence or Jira, we definitely recommend Gliffy’s natively integrated Atlassian Apps, but if you need to make a flowchart, software engineering diagram, or another visual for your presentation tomorrow, Gliffy Online will do the trick while your admin reviews your request.