Design Build-Outs and Share Network Diagrams with Gliffy


Network diagrams show the relationships between components of a computer network, including servers, clients, routers, hubs, and more.

Draw it before you build it

Gliffy's extensive shape library of industry-standard symbols lets you create network diagrams with drag and drop ease. Connect images of everything from hubs and routers to outlets and Internet clouds for clear, comprehensive computer network diagrams.

Here are just a few of the uses for network topology diagrams:

  • Strategic network diagram to plan a computer network before implementation
  • Computer network diagram showing relationships to aid troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive network diagram to document business, government, or academic computer networks

Share Network Diagrams with Anyone

With Gliffy, you can create, share, and collaborate with anyone, on any PC platform. Unlike Visio, Gliffy doesn't require you to install anything, so you can share and even edit network diagrams with colleagues or clients easily.

Share — with anyone

Unlike Visio network diagram tools, Gliffy drawing software is meant to be used for collaborative projects. Instead of installing an expensive program on a single user's hard drive, you can build your diagrams "in the cloud," where they can be reviewed, revised, and referenced by any or all members of your team.