Senior Server Side Engineer at


Gliffy, a San Francisco based provider of web based business drawing software, is seeking a Senior Server Side Developer to focus on our J2EE architecture. The developer will be responsible for adding new features, scaling up, and
maintaining our server side architecture.

About Gliffy

Gliffy, founded in 2005, is a profitable software company with a focus on building a sustainible business model around our net-native drawing tool. Prior to founding Gliffy, Chris Kohlhardt and Clint Dickson were involved in the
technical side of building high-profile web applications such as,, and the ColorSmart application by Behr.

  • We use tools and philosphies to work smarter and more efficiently
  • We work hard, but try to have fun while we do it
  • We're constantly pushing the bounds of what web applications are capable of, keeping the job challenging and interesting
  • We're excited about what we're working on, and we hope you will be too!


The candidate MUST be local to the San Francisco area, and should expect to come to our San Francisco office during normal business hours. The candidate MUST have the following experience:

  • Minimum 5 years Software Development experience
  • Developing database driven Java/J2EE web applications deployed to Tomcat
  • Working with SQL
  • Test driven development
  • Deploying Java applications to Linux/Unix servers
  • Writing and maintaining ant build scripts
  • Supporting end users who are having problems with the software
  • Using wikis or other web based collaborative software

The ideal candidate MUST be willing to learn about, or already have experience with the following:

  • MySQL and Hibernate
  • PHP,Ruby,Perl and other languages
  • REST API's
  • Continuous integration servers such as Bamboo or Cruise Control
  • OAuth
  • Agile development philosophies
  • Managing small teams of remote or local developers
  • Implementing COMET support

More about the position

The candidate will be responsible for managing all aspects of the server side infrastructure of Gliffy. For the most part, this means you'll be working on adding features to our REST API that is powered by our J2EE application
server. The candidate must be a self starter and able to thrive in a startup environment where requirements are not always clearly laid out in advance. You should be pretty good at simplifying problems, and pushing back on features
if they seem excessive.... we're ok with simplifying features if it means we can get the new version of the product completed sooner! As an early employee in the company, you'll be expected to take on many roles. You'll often be
called upon to work on new or existing features, or manage other employees / contractors to do the same.

You'll be:

  • Writing lots of server side Java code
  • Managing the continuous integration builds of our products
  • Architecting new features with the rest of the team
  • Managing other developers

You should definitely be a team player. You should always be always asking yourself "How can we do better?", and communicate your findings to the rest of the team in a constructive way.

Submitting your Resume

Qualified candidates should email their resume in PDF format to jobs (at) gliffy (dot) com