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Why Gliffy diagram software?

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Easy-to-use and versatile

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Easy diagram design

Drag and drop shapes or use templates and themes.

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Share with anyone

Share diagrams via URL or embedding.

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Collaborate instantly

Choose who can view, edit and comment.

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Integrate with Atlassian

Add visuals directly to Jira and Confluence.

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Preserve and track changes

Access previous versions in revision history.

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Import and edit old diagrams, export new creations.

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#1 diagramming tool for software teams



Diagramming software integration in Confluence

Integrate visuals into Confluence documents

Add visuals to your Confluence pages with the Gliffy Diagram for Confluence app to improve documentation, collaboration and productivity. Thanks to native Confluence integration, our diagramming app makes the process is simple and seamless.

  • Link to anything in a Confluence instance
  • Use any diagram previously made by your team as a template
  • Create and edit without ever leaving the Atlassian ecosystem
  • Search by diagram name, or even shape name within a diagram
  • Restore page history and bring up the diagram created with it


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Diagramming integration in Jira

Add diagrams directly to Jira issues

The Gliffy Diagram for Jira app allows you to add diagrams directly to your Jira tickets for improved communication and collaboration. Thanks to our diagramming software's native Jira integration, diagrams, flowcharts and wireframes can be incorporated into issues in just a few clicks.

  • Visually document bugs for easier explanation and reproduction
  • View revision history
  • Start with a premade template


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Trusted by over 10,000 businesses

"Gliffy has been extremely useful for Pandora. Our team has pioneered the use of Gliffy at Pandora and as a result of the value derived from our diagrams, many other teams are now using it to represent their ideas." – Silvana Bacigalupo-Wold
Director, Information Services | Pandora
Image of Silvana Bacigalupo-Wold

What our customers say

We would be a much less cohesive team without Gliffy integrated into our Confluence pages!”

- Lorin Marchigiani - Engineering Project Manager

Where would we be without Gliffy Diagram for Confluence?”

- Andy Cleff - Director of Product Engineering and Agility

I absolutely love Gliffy. I like that it stays out of your way and lets you concentrate on the diagram versus fighting with a tool (which happens often with other diagramming tools).”

- Victor Ronin - Software Architect

Lots of options, colors, and can import images! It’s a great tool… highly recommend to all.”

- Rudof Arada - Product Owner

Gliffy is my go-to drawing package at work. Couldn’t live without it.”

- Rick Suel - Director of Software Engineering

Gliffy is the best tool I’ve found after trying out alternatives.”

- Dimitri Gatowski - Solutions Architect

Gliffy makes everything easier. Pure functionality without the fluff.”

- Michael Wojciechowski - Founder

Gliffy is a fantastic visualization tool. It’s easy to create diagrams for almost any purpose.”

- Patrick Escarcega - Chief Technology Officer

Diagram & flowchart software for every need

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  • UML diagrams
  • AWS architecture
  • Network diagrams
  • Entity-relationship diagrams
  • Floor plans
  • Wireframes
  • Flowcharts
  • Venn diagrams
  • Org charts
  • Mind maps
  • Business process modeling
  • SWOT analysis
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Seamless integration with popular platforms

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