Five Pro UML Diagram Tips

Creating UML diagrams in Gliffy is simple. And with Gliffy’s powerful feature set, making them look impressively professional isn’t much harder. Apply the following five pro tips to elevate your UML diagram to the next level. 5. Remember Your Audience One common way novice diagram creators stumble is by overdoing it. Sometimes it’s... Read More

How A Content Agency Diagrams Workflow To Streamline Their Remote Team

Animalz is a remote, 20-person content agency that delivers over 250 articles per month. We could never maintain that kind of output with a distributed team without a standardized content workflow.  Our writers, researchers, and analysts work from around the world in 4 different time zones, yet our content process ensures that we... Read More

How Tribal Leadership Evolves in the Real World

By Liza Mock on Oct 09, 2017 in Stories
In the first installment of our Business Book Series, we covered Tribal Leadership, by Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright. This book, based on years of research into hundreds of companies showed that organizations are really just a network of tribes moving through the 5 stages below. How these tribes function affects... Read More

Top Five Venn Diagram Pro Tips

Using Gliffy, creating a basic Venn diagram takes only minutes. If you invest a little more time, however, your work can look exceptionally professional. All you need to do is follow these top five Venn diagram pro tips:     5. Try a Template While it’s child’s play to assemble a two-set Venn diagram, as you add sets the complexity... Read More

Venn vs Tree Diagrams: which to Use in Your Business

By Liza Mock on Oct 02, 2017
Whether your business has 500 or 5 employees, there will come a time when you’ll need to discuss a plan or present information. When that time comes, you should turn to diagrams. Throughout history, diagrams have helped consolidate and effectively present information. Over time, many different types of diagrams developed, each with... Read More

Top Ten Network Diagram Pro Tips

Professional-quality network design calls for logistical intelligence, technical know-how, and an aptitude for clear presentation — that includes graphic design skills. Gliffy was born to help. Our business software supports network designers by making diagramming simple. Elevate your diagram from the basic to the impressively... Read More

Your Org Structure Defines What You Build

By Liza Mock on Sep 22, 2017 in org chart, product, Stories
Anyone who has ever worked in Product, has probably heard the warning “don't ship the org chart”. This is a reference to the fact that products can be limited by dev teams that don't take enough ownership of what they're working on, allowing for unnecessary redundancies and confusing setups for the user because it's not their... Read More

How to Create  a Flowchart

So you want to know how to make a flowchart online? Using Gliffy, it's no problem to create one — and have it come out looking professional with only one quick lesson. To create a flowchart, first launch Gliffy and scroll to the Flowchart section of the Shape Library. From here, drag a ‘terminator’ shape to the top of your Canvas.... Read More