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AWS Simple Icons Explained: The Compute Set

There are, no joke, a lot of AWS Simple Icons. A lot a lot. And while they are free to use — and pre-loaded into Gliffy Diagram's shape library for your easy access — mapping each of these multi-colored glyphs to something that makes actual ...

A New Jira App for Engineering Managers

If you’ve been through a pain-free software development cycle... 🎊 congratulations! 🎊 You are a unicorn and should be the one writing this blog post. Because as most people can attest, building new software is hard. We’ve been experiencing it ...

A New Jira App for Designers

If you’ve survived successful software development without serious scars, 🎊 congratulations! 🎊 This is no small feat. Building new software is like running an obstacle course made of communications challenges. We’ve dodged, weaved, and ...


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