The Visual Mind: Why Diagrams Work

If content is king, then that makes visual content an emperor wearing his full regalia. Compared to text, visual content is an extremely effective way to communicate because our brains do a great job of processing it. Of all our senses, 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual. We're hardwired to thrive on visual content.... Read More

Building a Business Model That Sends a Message

By Animalz Crew on Nov 08, 2017 in Stories, values
Why the Right Business Model Matters If you've ever thought about having a startup, chances are you've thought about the kind of business model your startup would be built upon. It's one of the first things investors ask about and is the cornerstone of any successful company. Gliffy has been succesful in part because our business... Read More

3 Free Templates for better project managment

There are 2 skills crucial to any project manager's success: the ability to multitask and excellent cimmunication skills. In this post we'll give you 3 free templates that will help with both. You'll be able to: 1. Get multiple teams on one timeline 2. Get Stakeholders buy-in and alignment 3. Organize teams and time 1. Get Multiple... Read More

Business Book Series: Thinking, Fast and Slow

By Liza Mock on Oct 30, 2017 in process mapping
The way we understand the world is hugely influenced by factors that we don't even think about. As Daniel Kahneman explains in his best-selling book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, many of our decisions are formed quickly based on automatic but unnoticed impressions and feelings. This process helps us make the instinctive decisions we... Read More

Welcome to the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Whether you wake screaming from nightmares of Skynet or have been cross- stitching a welcome banner for the robots for when they take over, the age of AI is upon us. Deep learning, the process which helps artificial intelligence grow, already powers popular technologies such as Google Photos' facial recognition feature, Skype's... Read More

The Comprehensive Guide to SWOT Analysis

By Liza Mock on Oct 23, 2017
When you need an overview of your business, the market, or a new feature idea, SWOT analysis is exactly what you need. Or maybe you want to figure out a crisis remediation, or a go-to-market strategy — SWOT's for that as well.  SWOT analysis is a time-tested tool that helps you navigate problems by making an honest evaluation of... Read More

Five Pro UML Diagram Tips

Creating UML diagrams in Gliffy is simple. And with Gliffy’s powerful feature set, making them look impressively professional isn’t much harder. Apply the following five pro tips to elevate your UML diagram to the next level. 5. Remember Your Audience One common way novice diagram creators stumble is by overdoing it. Sometimes it’s... Read More

How A Content Agency Diagrams Workflow To Streamline Their Remote Team

Animalz is a remote, 20-person content agency that delivers over 250 articles per month. We could never maintain that kind of output with a distributed team without a standardized content workflow.  Our writers, researchers, and analysts work from around the world in 4 different time zones, yet our content process ensures that we... Read More