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A New Jira App for Engineering Managers

If you’ve been through a pain-free software development cycle... 🎊 congratulations! 🎊 You are a unicorn and should be the one writing this blog post. Because as most people can attest, building new software is hard. We’ve been experiencing it ...

Welcome Gliffy Project: My first three months in the app

I joined Gliffy as the VP of Marketing 9 months ago and was immersed in new sights and sounds, just like the first time you see NYC from the top of the empire state building. The most amazing of these new sights was the initial development of ...

A New Jira App for Designers

If you’ve survived successful software development without serious scars, 🎊 congratulations! 🎊 This is no small feat. Building new software is like running an obstacle course made of communications challenges. We’ve dodged, weaved, and ...


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