Ready to Bring Your Confluence Pages to Life With Dynamic Diagrams?

As a Confluence user, you’ve probably come across pages filled with large blocks of text — the kind of pages that readers are more likely to skim or gloss over.

But by adding visual aids, teams can significantly improve engagement and reader experience to get the most out of their Confluence pages. In fact, Atlassian’s own research has shown that more visually appealing pages tend to get more engagement.

Gliffy helps teams take visual collaboration to the next level by offering the only dynamic diagram maker within Confluence, giving users the ability to toggle between layers of information in the diagram viewer to create a more effective and customizable experience.

If you’re ready to create meaningful, visually appealing Confluence pages that your team will actually want to read, fill out the form to view a step-by-step demo on how to create interactive diagrams with Gliffy.