Process Flowcharts

Make complicated procedures easy to follow with the most versatile diagram out there.

Workflow Diagrams

Train new employees or show business operations with a step-by-step walkthrough of a workflow.

Swimlane Diagrams

Capture how teams or processes work in tandem by splitting tasks across the lanes of a swimlane flowchart.

Data Flowcharts

AKA "Data Flow Diagrams" show how information moves throughout a system.

Flowchart Types & Templates

Flowchart Example

Business Process Model and Notation Software

As part of Business Process Management, BPMN diagrams provide a standardized way to depict and detail a sequence of activities.

  • Improve efficiency through the process
  • Adapt to new business needs
  • Align cross-functional teams

More About BPMN

BPMN Example

SWOT Analysis Software

Map out your organization's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats with the SWOT Diagramming exercise used by businesses around the world.

  • Identify and articulate your business's competitive advantage
  • Adapt to a changing business environment
  • Align your business strategy with your position in the industry

More About SWOT Diagrams

SWOT Example
Image Mind Mapping Software

Mind Mapping Software

Brainstorm, collaborate, and ideate. Business diagrams like mind maps capture your ideas as fast as you can come up with them. Our mind map software can keep up.

Learn to Mind Map

Image Venn Diagram Software

Venn Diagram Software

Quickly illustrate similarities and differences with an easy-to-understand venn diagram.

Make a Venn Diagram

Try the Best Diagramming Software for Businesses of All Sizes

Enterprise Businesses Diagram with Gliffy

In one of the leading enterprise wiki software programs, Confluence, Gliffy boasts an average of over 770 users per instance — more than any other diagramming tool in the space. Learn more about our enterprise-grade diagramming features.

Business Diagrams Help Small Teams Grow

Smarting smaller? Scaling up? Gliffy's collaboration tools make it easy for independent consultants and small teams to collaborate with partners outside their business and visualize their big plans.

Diagramming Software for Businesses

With an easy-to-use online app or best-in-class integrations in Confluence and Jira, Gliffy is the best way to create diagrams for your business.